It’s Springtime in Wisconsin!

Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love! ~ Sitting Bull

The kids from the Spooner Middle School came around, along with their teachers last week for Earth Day, with plants for all the businesses. I received an Easter Lily. It almost made me giddy thinking spring is here. And then, it wasn’t. I don’t know why I’m surprised by this kind of cold snap every time it happens. I’ve lived here long enough to know it will happen and yet, I’m always caught off guard. I also know this cold weather will pass and we’ll see the sunshine and warm temperatures again. Winter must end. My muse will return and I’ll be able to paint and create again and it’ll be okay. It will be okay, right?

I’m reminded of a song my daughter Shannon wrote about me a few years ago. Actually, she may have written it just because she’s driven to create and after it was written realized it was about me. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll take credit for not only inspiring her but also giving birth to her! I love that girl! Anyway, it’s a song about timing. The lyrics are gorgeous but her singing it is the best part! I wish you could hear it. It’s on the Stone Soup CD by The Everroad Family. That’s my husband, our children and me from our glory days on-the-road when music was our art.  Her song truly reflects my attitude about my timing and has inspired no less than three paintings from me over the years.

I’ve always been told, “timing is everything”, and I’m sure it’s true, I just forget occasionally. So, I’m going to cool my jets, take inspiration from Shannon’s song about me and try to keep my timing.  I hope you do too. Keep Shining!

She Just Shines
“The sun will have her day at the end of the darkness.
She patiently awaits her dawn.
No striving as she rises; she knows her time will come.
For joy comes in the morning; what honor she does bear
in lonely hearts and weary eyes.
But she never wastes a moment on who isn’t there to see.
She just shines.”
“The sun will have her day for so it has been always.
She doesn’t mind the wait; it’s never long.
And suddenly she hears Him and knows her time is now.
And she hears her sweet Creator beckon her to come
as close as she may dare
And she thrusts her face toward heaven and shakes her yellow hair.
And she just shines.”
Written by Shannon Everroad Hushaw


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